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2004 Patty Wellinger, JD '90, Reference Services Coordinator, Library (1993-present)
2005 Chris Wangelin, Assistant Director, Office of Communications (2003-present)
2008 Hannah Wanebo, Career/Student Development Consultant (2008-present)
2005 Katrina (Katie) Vilders, Student Affairs (2005-present)
2004 Dan Vigil, Assistant Dean, Student Affairs (2003-present)
2006 Ann Vessels, Lecturer-At-Law/Internship Coordinator (2006-present)
2005 Mary Steefel, Director of the Academic Achievement Program (2005-present)
2011 Michelle Slaton, Faculty Support Manager (2011-present)
2007 Caryl Shipley, Library Community Services Liaison (1992-present)
2002 Nancy Sensel, Interlibrary Loan Librarian (1997-present)
2011 Laurie Saraceno, Administrative Director, Student Law Office (2004-present)
2004 Wayne Rust, Media Specialist (2000-present)
2004 Molly Rossi, Manager, Human Resources (2004-present)
2005 Joan Policastri, Foreign & International Legal Research Specialist (2005-present)
2007 May Piatek, Admissions Coordinator (2007-present)
2002 JoAnna Patrick, Library Operations Manager (1997-2010); Facilities Manager (2010-present)
2007 Jessica Neumann, Faculty Support (2007-present)
2011 Andrea Montague, Career/Student Development Consultant (2010-present)
2004 Lauri Mlinar, Director of Events (1986-present)
2002 Tim Mitchell, Manager, Network Services (1997-present)
2011 Patti Marks, Senior Director of Development (2007-present)
2011 Katie Lyon, Administrative Assistant, Student Law Office (2011-present)
2011 Marina Logachev, International Business Transactions Program Manager (2011-present)
2008 Mike Latimer, Office Assistant, Dean's Suite (2007-present)
2002 Catherine Kissell, Library Assistant (2000-present)
2007 Hope Kentnor, Associate Director of Master of Science in Legal Administration (2002-2010); Director of Master of Science in Legal Administration (2010-present)
2003 Elena Kelty, Library Assistant (2003-present)
2012 Ricki Kelly, Executive Director of Development (2012-present)
2007 Gayle Keahey, Career/Student Development Consultant (2007-present)
2004 Meghan Howes, Director, Office of Communications (1999-present)
2002 Jessica Hogan, Educational Technology Manager (1997-present)
2007 Gretchen Haas, Career Consultant (1998-present)
2004 Sheila Green, Reference Librarian (1990-present)
2005 Julie Gordon, Registrar (2001-present)
2011 McKenzie Gaby, Faculty Support (2008-2012); Registrar's Office (2012-present)
2011 Clint Emmerich, Director of Budget and Planning (2010-present)
2004 David Dudra, Reprographics Services Manager (1988-present)
2006 Kim Gould, Asst. to the Senior Budget Officer (2006-present)
2004 Jeff Davis, Copy Center (1988-2011); Circulation Assistant (2011-present)
2011 Iain Davis, Assistant Dean, Student Financial Management & Admissions
2004 Lucy Daberkow, Graduate Programs Coordinator (1999-present)
2005 Wende Best Conway, Admissions Coordinator (2005-present)
2011 Stefanie Carroll, Administrative Director, Academic Programs (2010-present)
2004 Diane Burkhardt, Library Faculty Liaison (1993-present)
2002 Marianne Brown, Library Assistant (1988-present)
2006 Stacey Bowers, Access Services Librarian (2006-2010); Outreach & Instructional Services Coordinator (2010-present)
2011 Anne Beblavi, Faculty Support (2003-present)
2006 Diane Bales, Faculty Support (2003-2006), Int'l Legal Studies Program Administration (2006-present)
2003 Theresa A. Baker, Information Technology Librarian (2001-2008); Web Developer (2008-present)
2011 Stephanie Aragon, Faculty Support, Lawyering Process (2011-present)


Guide to Abbreviations
JD - Juris Doctor LLB - Bachelor of Laws
LLD - Honorary Doctorate LLM - Masters of Law in Taxation
MSJA - Masters of Science in Judicial Administration
JD replaced LLB in 1962-1963