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2010 David Akerson, Lecturer (2010-present)
2004 Robert Anderson, Lawyering Process Professor (2001-2002, 2004-present)
2004 Rachel S. Arnow-Richman, Program Director, Workplace Law Program (2010-present), Assistant Professor of Law (2004-present), Research Professor (2008-2009)
2008 Debra Austin, Lawyering Process Professor (2008-present)
2008 Rebecca Aviel, Visiting Professor (2008-2009); Assistant Professor (2009-present)
2002 Tanya Bartholomew, Lawyering Process Professor (2002-present)
2010 Genevieve Boarman, Visiting Professor (2010-present)
2007 Kay Bond, Environmental Clinic Lecturer (2007-present)
2003 Jerome Borison, Associate Professor of Law (1983-present)
2002 J. Robert Brown, Jr. , Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (2000-2003); Professor of Law (1988-present); Corporate and Commercial Law Program Director (2010-present)
2010 Rhonda Brownstein, Visiting Professor (2010-present)
2005 Phoenix Cai, Assistant Professor of Law (2005-present); Director, Roche International Business LLM Program (2011-present)
2004 Kristen A. Carpenter, Assistant Professor of Law (2004-present)
2010 Bernard Chao, Assistant Professor of Law (2010-present)
2000 Federico Cheever, Associate Professor of Law (1994-present); Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (2009-present)
2003 Alan Chen, Associate Professor of Law (1993-present); Associate Dean for Faculty Scholarship (2008-present); Constitutional Rights and Remedies Program Director (2010-present)
2010 Ken Chestek, Visiting Professor (2010)
2000 Christine Cimini, Associate Professor of Law (1999-present); Robert V. Yegge Clinical Director (2010-2011)
2003 Roberto Corrada talking with students in The Forum
2003 Roberto Corrada, Associate Professor of Law (1991-present); Research Professor (2008-2009); Sturm College of Law Chair in Modern Learning (2010-present)
2010 Patience Crowder, Assistant Professor of Law (2010-present)
2009 Rosemary Dillon, Lawyering Process Professor (2009-present)
2003 Wendy N. Duong, Assistant Professor of Law
2003 K.K. DuVivier, Assistant Professor of Law (2000-present); Director, Lawyering Process Program (2000-2007); Director, Environmental and Natural Resources Program (2009-present)
2000 Nancy S. Ehrenreich, Associate Professor of Law (1990-present); William M. Beaney Memorial Research Chair (2010-present)
2010 Ian Farrell, Assistant Professor of Law (2010-present)
2010 Eric Franklin, Whiting Clinical Fellow (2010-present)
2009 Brittany Glidden, Clinical Fellow (2009-present)
2003 Rashmi Goel, Assistant Professor of Law
2004 Robert Hardaway, Professor of Law (1979-present)
2008 Michael Harris, Assistant Professor of Law and Director of the Environmental Law Clinic (2008-present)
2000 Jeffrey H. Hartje, Associate Professor of Law (1988-present)
2002 Timothy M. Hurley, Director of the Federal Appellate Clinic and the Effie and George Leonard Center for Civil Rights and Effective Law Enforcement (2000-present)
2003 Sheila K. Hyatt, Professor of Law (1980-present)
2003 Sam Kamin, Assistant Professor of Law (1999-present); Director, Constitutional Rights & Remedies Program (2011-present)
2003 Martin J. Katz, Assistant Professor of Law (2000-present); Interim Dean (2009-2010); Dean (2010-2016)
2004 Tamara L. Kuennen, Assistant Professor of Law (2004-present)
???? Dean Yegge with Professors Laitos and Pepper
2003 Jan G. Laitos, John A. Carver, Jr. Prof. of Law & Director, Natural Resources Program (1977-present)
2010 Christoper Lasch, Assistant Professor of Law (2010-present)
2011 Steve Lee, Visiting Professor (2011-present)
2009 Kevin Lynch, Clinical Fellow (2009-present)
2007 Daniel E. Manville, Lecturer (2007-present)
2008 Justin Marceau, Assistant Professor (2008-present)
2000 Lucy A. Marsh, Professor of Law (1977-present)
2002 Michael G. Massey, Lawyering Process Professor (2000-present)
2003 G. Kristian Miccio, Assistant Professor of Law
2005 Viva Moffat, Assistant Professor (2005-present)
2007 Suzanna Moran, Lawyering Process Professor (2007-present)
2000 Ved Nanda, Vice Provost for Internationalization; Evans University Professor; Thomas G. Marsh Professor of Law (1966-present); International Legal Studies Program Director (2010-present)
2003 Ved Nanda talking with students in The Forum
1990 Prof. Ved Nanda and student Andrew Gareleck at the Great Wall of China
1990's Prof. Ved Nanda at a meeting of the World Federation of United Nations Associations Executive Committee in West Bengal
2000 Stephen L. Pepper, Professor of Law (1982-present)
2007 Susannah Pollvogt, Lawyering Process Professor (2007-2008); Lecturer, AAP Program (2008-present)
2003 George W. (Rock) Pring, Professor of Law (1981-present)
2010 Emily Pruisner, Visiting Professor (2010-present)
2007 Raja Raghunath, Civil Rights Clinical Fellow (2007-present)
2000 Paula Rhodes, Associate Professor of Law (1990-present)
2010 Tom I. Romero, II, Associate Professor of Law (2010-present)
2004 Laura L. Rovner, Associate Professor of Law (2004-present); Ronald V. Yegge Clinic Director (2011-present)
2004 Nantiya Ruan, Lawyering Process Professor (2004-present)
2008 David Schott, Lecturer and Director of Trial Advocacy (2008-present)
2010 David Schwartz, Visiting Professor (2010-present)
2010 William Shutkin, Lecturer and Executive Director of Rocky Mountain Land Use Institute (2010-present)
2010 Don C. Smith, Adjunct (2002-2007); Lecturer (2007-present); Environmental & Natural Resources Law Program Director (2010-present)
2004 Catherine E. Smith, Assistant Professor of Law (2004-present); Associate Dean of Institutional Diversity and Inclusiveness (2010-present)
2000 John T. Soma, Professor of Law (1980-present)
2008 Michael D. Sousa, Assistant Professor (2008-present); Assistant Director, Business and Commercial Law Program (2011-present)
2002 Mary Steefel, Lawyering Process Professor (2000-2004), Lecturer & Director of Academic Achievement (2005-present)
2010 Robin Walker Sterling, Assistant Professor of Law (2010-present)
2003 Joyce S. Sterling, Professor of Law (1978-present)
2000 Celia R. Taylor, Professor of Law (2008-present), Associate Professor of Law (1995-2008)
2003 David Thomson. Lawyering Process Professor (2003-2008), Director of the Lawyering Process Program (2008-present)
2008 Assistant Dean Dan Vigil and his Lifetime Achievement Award from the Colorado Hispanic Bar Association (2008)
2003 Eli Wald, Charles W. Delaney Jr. Professor of Law
2007 Lindsey Webb, Director of Public Interest (2007-present)
2010 Jessica West, Visiting Professor (2010-present)
2010 Annecoos Wiersema, Associate Professor of Law (2010-present)
2005 Ed Ziegler, Professor of Law (2005-present); Robert B. Yegge Memorial Research Chair (2010-present)


Guide to Abbreviations
JD - Juris Doctor LLB - Bachelor of Laws
LLD - Honorary Doctorate LLM - Masters of Law in Taxation
MSJA - Masters of Science in Judicial Administration
JD replaced LLB in 1962-1963