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1904 Robert I. Gregg, leader of DU's Legal Aid Dispensary
1951 Student Lawyers Try a Real Case (Life Magazine; Sept. 17, 1951)
1969 Howard Gelt, DU Law senior advises a local resident at the Urban Center, 221 24th St.
1979 Student Law Office - 3 males (black/white from film)
1979 Student Law Office - male and female at a desk (black/white from film)
1979 Student Law Office sign (black/white from film)
1995 Pictured with Mark Hughes (second from left), who is the Senior Attorney of Earthlaw are members of the Natural Resources Program at the College of Law:(l-r) Professors Fred Cheever, Jan Laitos and George (Rock) Pring.
1995 Environmental Law Clinic Director Jay Tutchton
1995 Earthlaw Environmental Law Clinic (Law Alumni Magazine; Summer 1995, p. 8)
1999 A Heritage of Clinical Training (Law Alumni Magazine; August 1999, p. 6)
2003 Tim Hurley, Marcia Levy, Amy Van Vurst
2004 Poster and t-shirt commemorating the Student Law Office's 100 year anniversary. Poster features Robert Yegge as Uncle Sam.


Guide to Abbreviations
JD - Juris Doctor LLB - Bachelor of Laws
LLD - Honorary Doctorate LLM - Masters of Law in Taxation
MSJA - Masters of Science in Judicial Administration
JD replaced LLB in 1962-1963