Laws and Legislation


American Law Sources On-line United States, Canada, Mexico
Anglo-American Legal Tradition 3,000,000 digitized images of documents from the U.K. National archives between the years 1218 and 1650. The documents include a wide range of series from both common law and equity courts and from the exchequer. Documents on the site are almost all otherwise available only in the originals held at the U.K. National Archives.
Annual Review of Population Law Summaries & excerpts of legislation, constitutions, court decions, etc. relating to women's status and rights, children and adolescents, health, and related topics.
Asian Legal Information Institute Links to legislation, case law and secondary sources from Asian jurisdictions.
Caricom Law Full-text of legislation from 15 Caribbean countries.
Civil Codes on the Web Links to full-text of Civil Codes from dozens of countries.
CommonLII Commonwealth Legal Information Institute. 563 databases from 69 Commonwealth and common law countries and territories.
Comparative Constitutions Project University of Illinois
Constitution Finder Constitutions, charters, amendments, and related docs
Constitutions of the Americas Constitutions from North American, South American and Caribbean countries.
Droit-Afrique Laws from francophone African countries (in French).
Eagle-i Electronic Access to Global Legal Information
European Judicial Network In civil and commercial matters
European Official Gazettes from the Foreign Law Research Project (FLARE).
Foreign and International Law Guide From the Cornell Law Library
Foreign Law Guide Index to laws of many countries with some Internet links. Good background information on the legal systems of countries.
Foreign Primary Law on the Web From the O'Quinn Law Library, U. of Houston
Forint-Law Foreign and international law from WashLaw
Getting the Deal Through Information by legal topic and country. Free registration required.
GLIN Global Legal Information Network, from the Law Library of Congress - includes laws, regulations, decisions, trade agreements, etc. contributed by various government agencies and international organization. English summaries, some countries include full-text documents.
Global Law by Source From the Legal Information Institute, Cornell
Government Gazettes Online Actions of many federal governments of the world are published in the individual national gazette.
Hieros Gamos Law and Government Resources
ILS Web Sites Harvard Law School Library
Institute of Transnational Law Statutes and case law translations from Austria, France, Germany, Israel and Italy.
International Center for Non-Profit Law Online Library Database of legislation on various legal topics. Free registration required.
International Constitutional Law Full-text constitutions and commentary
Intute Links to legal information by country and topic.
Latin Laws Links to full-text of statutes from 20 countries in Central and South America
Nations of the World Annotated hypertext guide to selected resources, from the Law Library of Congress. Part of GLIN Global Legal Information Network. Searchable English abstracts of national laws.
New Zealand Legislation Parliamentary Counsel Office of New Zealand.
OSCE Legislationline Database of security and human rights legislation from European and Central Asian countries.
South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation Legislation from Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.
UK Statute Law Database Offical edition of current UK legislation.
UN Online Network in Public Administration and Finance - Legislation Database English language version of laws on various topics.
World Bank Doing Business Law Library Database of business laws and regulations.
World Legal Information Institute Portal to legal and government links in over 180 jurisdictions.



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