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  1. Externs may not be compensated for their externship and earn academic credit at the same time.
  2. I may not bill my clients (if any) for the time in which the extern works on any case.
  3. Under C.R.S. 12-5-116, only third-year externs may be certified to enter appearances in court and that they may do so only to the extent authorized under the statute for qualifying organizations such as the public defender.
  4. It is required that I meet at least weekly with the extern to provide him/her with feedback, instruction, and guidance on their work.
  5. Because not all externs have had a professional responsibility class, I need to instruct the extern about confidentiality procedures and practices of this office, and instruct the extern on any other rules of professional responsibility that are particularly important in this setting.
  6. I will review with the extern my mid-semester and final evaluation of him or her and submit these evaluations to the Legal Externship Office by the given deadline. These evaluations will be available for the extern to review.
  7. My extern must attend an externship seminar, submit time sheets, and keep journals - but s/he will be instructed to do so in a manner that does not reveal any confidential or identifying information. (Seminar is mandatory for first-time externs only.)
  8. The Legal Externship Office may call me to arrange an on-site visit to discuss the Legal Externship Program and the progress of my extern in accordance with the ABA's accreditation standards for law schools.
  9. I am encouraged to call the Legal Externship Office if I have concerns or questions about the program or about my extern.
  10. I will evaluate and resolve potential professional conflicts of interest with my extern.
  11. I maintain malpractice insurance coverage or I am immune from liability as a government agency.
  12. I agree that the extern's responsibilities for administrative tasks shall not exceed 10%.
  13. I have been licensed to practice law for at least 5 years.

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*Is the externship suitable for MRLS (Master of Resources Law Studies-non JD) students?
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*Is this externship suitable for evening students (e.g. work can be done remotely, work can be done at different times of the day)
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***Please DO NOT mention a specific student's name in this part of the application! Even if you already have an extern, please complete the form generically, because students will be able to search parts of your response through our online supervising attorney database.***

*Please describe how you plan to supervise the extern, or copy and paste any written plans of supervision you already use. (Click here for example)

Include your procedures for orientation, training, evaluation, and feedback. It is required that you meet at least weekly with the extern to provide them with feedback, instruction, and guidance on their work.


*Would other attorneys/clerks/judges in the office be supervising the extern?

(The judge, or federal career clerks, or both, may supervise judicial externs. Law clerk mentor applications alone, however, will not be accepted without participation of the judge in supervision.

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If yes, please provide their names, attorney license numbers, and describe the extent of their involvement with the extern and your role in overseeing such work. (Click here for example)
*Please describe the physical area where the extern will be situated and the resources available to the extern. (i.e., private office with a telephone and a desk, no office and extern will work on campus, access to support staff, etc.)
*Please provide a general description of the extern's duties. (Click here for example)
What doctrinal (substantive) areas of law may the extern expect to encounter? (Click here for example)
*What application skill(s) may the extern expect to practice? Check as many as apply and add your own categories as appropriate.
Client Interviewing/Counseling
Fact Investigation
Legal Presentations & Public Speaking
Legal Research
Problem Solving
Trial Advocacy/Litigation
If Other, please describe:
Are you working in a qualified agency under C.R.S. 12-5-116?
This statute only applies to externships within the state of Colorado.
If yes, do you require externs to be certified under the Colorado Student Practice Act?
DU externs must have at least 60 law school semester credit hours completed towards their JD degree (i.e., completion of 1st and 2nd year for full time students).
If yes or optional, please explain the types of cases in which an extern would appear, the courtroom supervision you would provide, and your procedures for informing the court and clients about their extern status.
Preferred or required criteria:
*How do you prefer externs to submit their applications? (Check as many as apply.)
*What materials should externs provide with their application (i.e., resume, cover letter, writing samples, or personal references).
*Who should the extern submit their application to? Please include contact name and details regarding the submission method you chose above.
Application Deadline:
This externship opportunity is located in a building that meets the Americans with Disabilities guidelines:
*Are you submitting an application because a current Denver Law student is awaiting approval for an externship? Yes | No
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Do you agree to:

1. provide a quality learning experience, with meaningful involvement in professional legal work, under the supervision of one or more licensed attorneys;

2. assign work requiring legal skills and judgment, as opposed to clerical or non-legal tasks; and

3. expose the extern to a broadened understanding of the legal aspects of your practice or legal setting?

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