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* By checking this box I certify that I understand that if I am accepted into the HIP program, I can expect to start the semester TWO DAYS EARLY due to the program orientation. Orientation is MANDATORY and will be held BEFORE classes start.
* By checking this box I certify that I understand that I need a GPA which is equal to or greater than 2.3 in order to participate in this program. I certify that my GPA meets this standard.

Important Notes

  1. The HIP is one semester long. Students may apply for a second semester as an advanced student with the approval of the instructor.
  2. Because you will be handling matters for clients and potentially scheduling your time around court dates, your involvement with the HIP may extend beyond the dates of the semester, but you will not receive any additional credit hours.
  3. Accepted students will receive a confirmation email and an acceptance form that must be signed and returned to the Coordinator of Externships, Leann Steele, within the time specified. If you intend to accept the offer of a position, you must respond by the deadline or your position will be offered to another student. Additionally, you must respond in writing by the deadline even if you are declining the offer - this allows us to offer the position to another student at the earliest opportunity.
  4. If you are accepted into the program, you can expect to start the semester 2 days early due to the HIP and Externship Program Orientation. The orientation is MANDATORY. Students that cannot attend the orientation cannot participate in the HIP.
  5. The Coordinator, Legal Externships & Public Interest Programs, Leann Steele, will perform registration for the HIP. Students cannot register for the HIP independently.
  6. Students will not be able to drop their registration for the HIP without express permission of the direct supervisor after having completed orientation.
  7. As student attorneys, you will be required to abide by the professional responsibility rules that govern all practicing lawyers. Given the intensive time commitment of the HIP and the potential for ethical conflicts of interest, students are not allowed to participate in a clinic or other externship while they are enrolled in the HIP.
  8. By signing this application, you are acknowledging and confirming that you understand that you cannot participate in an internship, other externship, or clinic if you are accepted in the HIP. HIP students who wish to work while enrolled in the HIP must receive explicit authorization to do so from the instructor.
  9. If you are working, we will need to disclose your HIP work to your employer and the employer will have to perform a conflict check. If a conflict arises, there is a presumption that the conflict will be resolved to the benefit of the HIP client(s). Thus, there is a risk that you may have to withdraw from the HIP or resign from your employment.

Thank you for your interest in the HIP. We will be in contact with you about your application.