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The Contest

We want to hear from you! We will post the wellness tips along with attribution to our website. We will also use them as inspiration at the Rocky Mountain Legal Writing Conference. Your tip is limited to 140 characters (like a tweet). It can be funny, wise, or anything else that you want to share.

When you enter your idea and your basic information below, you will be officially entered in the contest to win free massages for your entire team! Please ask all of your colleagues to enter too. It is a win-win. We get more wonderful advice from each of you, and you increase your odds of winning.

The Drawing

We will hold a drawing after all entries are in to pick the winner. We will record the drawing and post the video to our website, complete with an announcement of the winner. We will also contact the winning person so they can set up their free massages!

Here are some sample wellness tips:

Tessa Dysart: University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law
Take an evening or morning walk with your spouse. You can destress, get exercise, and rehash the day, without tech interruptions.

Samantha Moppett: Suffolk Law School
I attend faculty and student Mindful Writing Retreats to model mindfulness.

Charles Calleros: Arizona State University
Before my students took their first midterm in Civ. Pro., I led them in mind-clearing meditation at the end of my class. Nerves calmed.

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