2018 LRAP Application
Application Deadline: January 27, 2018

Before you being, you should:

Biographical Information
First Name:
Last Name:
Address (Street):
Address (City, State, Zip):
DU ID Number:
Home Telephone:
Work Telephone:
Mobile Phone:
Graduation Date:
Dates of Law School
Employment Information
Employer Type: Government     Non-Profit (501(c)3)
Employer Name:
Address (Street):
Address (City, State, Zip):
Supervisor Name:
Supervisor Phone Number:
Supervisor Email:
Annual Salary:
Job Title:
Nature of Work:
Is your job considered JD Advantage? Yes    No
Defined as a job that does not require bar passage, but, for which, a JD provided a demonstrable advantage, or was even required by the employer.

If yes, please be sure to explain how you utilize your law degree in "Nature of Work." Additionally, we recommend that your employer discuss how your JD provides a demonstrable advantage in the employer letter or recommendation.
Spousal/Domestic Partner Information
I don't have a spouse/domestic partner
Spouse/Domestic Partner Name:
Employer's Name:
Annual Salary:
I don't have any dependents
Number of Dependents:
Names and ages of Dependents:
Other Sources of Loan Repayment Funding
Are you currently eligible to receive funds from any other loan repayment program?
Yes    No
If yes, please explain:
Two people who will always know where to contact you (e.g. relatives or friends):
Reference 1
Name (first, last):
Address (Street):
Address (City, State, Zip):
Reference 2
Name (first, last):
Address (Street):
Address (City, State, Zip):
Law School Loans
Please list the total amount of federal loans you borrowed for law school. Do not include any loans borrowed for undergraduate or other graduate programs (you can list those later on this application). This information can be found online at www.nslds.ed.gov.
Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized (or Stafford) Loans:
Graduate PLUS Loans:
Perkins Loans:
Did you borrow any private educational loans for law school, including bar study loans?    Yes   No
If yes, please list private loan information below:
Length of
Are you currently in repayment on your federal student loans?   Yes   No
If yes, which repayment plan are you enrolled in?  
What is your current monthly federal loan payment?  
Note: If your current monthly payment is $0, you are not eligible to apply for LRAP this year. You can apply in a future year once you have a payment above $0. If you have a $0 payment on your federal loans but have significant amounts of law school related private loan debt, you can still be considered for LRAP.
Do you have student loans from your undergraduate degree or another graduate program? Yes No
If yes, please list your other educational loans below:

Questions may be directed to the Student Financial Management Office by phone at (303) 871-6557 or by email at LRAP@law.du.edu.