Mock interviews
Mock Interview Day, offered once per semester, provides students with an opportunity to refine their interviewing skills. Volunteer interviewers will be asked to interview four students, 30 minutes each, and give them feedback.
Time commitment: 2 hours

Partners at Law (PALS) is a series of dinners and brunches connecting students with alumni who are willing to help them learn how to network. Four to six students are placed at a table of two or three alumni, and they are given topic ideas to discuss. At the conclusion of the event, each table selects a volunteer to share what they learned with the other groups.
Time commitment: 2 hours

Career advice
Share your career path, realities of law practice, and job search strategies with students and alumni.
Time commitment: 5 hours (please let us know how many hours or people you are willing to meet with per year)


We need volunteers to speak in classes on a variety of topics, speak on panels to students and/or alumni, and speak on CLE panels. CLE panels may occur at the law school or at a hosting firm in the community.
Time commitment: 1 – 2 hours for speaking in classes and panels, at least 2 hours if on a CLE panel (including preparation time).

Judging mock trials and/or moot court
The Advocacy Department hosts both mock trial (jury-based) and moot court (appellate-based) competitions within the school each year.   Having alumni serve as either the Ruling Judge or the Scoring Judges (the jury panel) during the rounds, and then giving constructive feedback to the students at the conclusion of the rounds, provides invaluable educational insights to the students in preparation for their entry into our profession.
Time commitment: 3 hours is usually all that is needed to judge the round then provide feedback to the students.

Organizing alumni events
Contacting former classmates to encourage attendance at reunions, helping to organize a happy hour, and other networking/social opportunities.
Time commitment: At least one hour, depending on level of involvement

Networking activities
Attending brownbag lunches with students, dinners, and other activities with students and other legal professionals
Time commitment: At least 1 hour, depending on level of involvement

Speaking about career path and practice areas
Speak to students about your career path, substantive and practical realities of working in your area in a solo presentation or a panel presentation typically at lunch time or late afternoon for one hour.
Time commitment: 1-2 hours

Hosting an extern in your organization
For details on the externship program, please visit the Legal Externship Program site

Class scribes
Information on being a class scribe is located here.