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  • 1966: David Erickson
    David L. Erickson '66 is the author of Colorado Corporate Forms, a two volume 2000 page book on the organization and management of business and nonprofit entities, structuring business transactions, arbitration/mediation and law practice management. The publisher of the book, Westlaw a Thomson Reuters company, recently honored David for the thirty years his book has been in print and updated by him annually. Westlaw's acknowledgement stated that "Your commitment to excellence and willingness over the years to adapt to our changing production needs have resulted in a consistently superior and successful product and an exemplary author relationship."


  • 1975: Judith Levine
    Judith Levine has been named a 2015 "Best Lawyer" in Corporate and Real Estate Law.


  • 2000: Evan D. Brown
    Chicago-based law firm Much Shelist announced today that Evan D. Brown has joined the firm as a new Principal in the Intellectual Property & Technology practice group. Evan advises companies of all sizes on matters pertaining to technology, intellectual property and privacy. His practice covers a wide range of related issues, such as licensing, online services, cloud-based technology, data security, social media, copyright and trademark protection and advertising.

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